Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 Natural and Effective Tips To Cure Acne Without Using Drugs and Pills

If you have acne, you can cure acne naturally and effectively with less effort. Acne is a common disease that is spreading among people. No matter you're a teenager or adult, you will likely have acne in your face but Not everyone will have it. However, acne is so flexible so that it can almost affect anyone, regardless of age. But, you can cure acne naturally and effectively with less effort by using some methods that I am about to reveal. What I mean about cure acne naturally is that you do not need to apply any of those drugs, pills and other products to cure your acne.

So, how to cure acne naturally?

Here are some effective tips:

1. Eat More Fruits And Drink More Water To cure acne naturally. By doing this, you are literally cleaning your body from harmful substances that can form acne. You can choose apple, grape, or any other fruits that you like.You can also make those fruits as juices and drink it often. You can also mix them up and make it as salad. You are not supposed to drink such as soda or soft drink.

2. Stop Smoking. Another suggestion to cure acne naturally is that you should refrain from smoking because smoking is unhealthy for your skin. Not only for skin, but also your internal organs. Smoking can dirty your body system so that it can cause many problems for you in the future. Do you ever read the label in your cigarette? Try to take some time and have a look at it.

3. Do Regular Digestive Cleaning. Regular digestive cleaning is very important for your skin. It eliminates toxins that reside in your body. After it digested, foods residue should be eliminated immediately from your body. So, to cure acne naturally, do the digestive cleaning every day to keep your system clean and healthy, so that your skin can benefit from this regular cycle.After you read these tips, I hope you understand that if you want to cure acne naturally, you need to clean your body from harmful substances. After all, these tips tell you about how to clean yourself from harmful substances so that you can enjoy clear skin, free from acne.

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