Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heal Acne Quick With Home Remedies

Want to cure acne quick? Feeling too late to get yourself to the farmacy/drugstore? Don't want to shell out big bucks that don't work? No worries. Follow the home remedies below and cure acne quickly!

  1. Apply some toothpaste on your acne before going to bed. As our acne is acidic and toothpaste is alkaline. Therefore, both of them react and they'll neutralise it. It only takes couple of days to recover.
  2. Apply some egg white onto acne to remove impurities from your skin. 
  3. Cook a bowl of oatmeal and cool it down by putting it in the refrigerator. Then rub it on your face when it is cooled. This will give you a softer face /skin.
  4. To remove blackheads on your face, Mix cornstarch with some vinegar and rub it on the area. Leave it for 15-30 minutes for it to harden. Get a mini towel and wet it with warm water. Rub it on the cornstarch+vinegar area. This will draw off  bacteria and clear pores.

To get rid of acne, spread a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia on your face. Let it dry, and wipe off with warm washcloth - it works as well or better than expensive facial masks!

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Cure Acne At Home with Proven Home Remedies

Are you thinking about seeing a dermatologist for your acne? Or may you have thought about trying some home remedies for acne? Or maybe you have your eye on some over the counter acne products?

While getting a prescription may be necessary if you have a severe case, you can often successfully treat this condition at home using simple and inexpensive products. The remedies for acne discussed below have been around for a long time and work wonders for many people. Hopefully, these remedies will also work for you.

Aloe vera is one of the best natural home remedies for acne. The aloe vera has long been known for its healing properties. Aloe is wonderful for the skin and used to heal blemishes and reduce acne scaring. Aloe vera will prevent future acne and leave your skin feeling soft. You can find many aloe vera products that can be applied to the skin, and it can also be helpful to drink aloe vera juice. Growing aloe vera is quite easy and very convenient to have around. With your own plant or plants, you will be able to extract fresh gel from your plant to use on your blemishes. 

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There are so many benefits to using aloe vera gel, not only does it help with acne but it is also good for treating cold sores, stopping the itch of insect bites, cooling down a sunburn, treating kitchen burns, etc. It's possible to prevent acne blemishes and heal the blemishes you have by taking vitamins and minerals. 

If you have skin problems then it is recommended you take both Vitamin A and Zinc. Inflammation will be reduced and they will help prevent scars from developing. Fish oil, or Omega-3, is another supplement, which will help your skin. Fish oil contains many antibacterial properties. Fish oil capsules are a good source of these, which include cod liver oil and krill oil. It's also a good idea to take supplements that help digestion, such as probiotics and acidophilus, as these help your body to process everything you eat more efficiently, and this in turn is good for your skin. Taking such supplements can help clear up acne and prevent future occurrences of it. 

Many people think exposing acne to the sun will cure the blemishes but this isn't necessarily true. Laying out in the sun won't cure acne but it will make acne less obvious. When you lay out in the sun, the sun's rays will either tan your skin or redden your skin. With the change of skin color, acne will be less noticeable. Sun exposure could also cause acne breakouts! Prolonged exposure to the sun could in fact make your skin condition much worse. 

On the other hand, some sunlight is healthy for the skin and the body, so you don't want to avoid the sun altogether. But don't think that sunbathing for hours is an acne cure, as it's not. This article has covered just a handful of home remedies for acne. Do not get discouraged while looking for a cure for acne. There are many people in the same boat as you are looking for a cure. You will find the answer but it may take some time. 

Finding the ideal remedy for you may take some time and experimentation, so don't give up if one thing or another doesn't work right away. 

The reason why I posted this article here for you is because the Remedies are very effective and most importantly NATURAL and FREE!