Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heal Acne Quick With Home Remedies

Want to cure acne quick? Feeling too late to get yourself to the farmacy/drugstore? Don't want to shell out big bucks that don't work? No worries. Follow the home remedies below and cure acne quickly!

  1. Apply some toothpaste on your acne before going to bed. As our acne is acidic and toothpaste is alkaline. Therefore, both of them react and they'll neutralise it. It only takes couple of days to recover.
  2. Apply some egg white onto acne to remove impurities from your skin. 
  3. Cook a bowl of oatmeal and cool it down by putting it in the refrigerator. Then rub it on your face when it is cooled. This will give you a softer face /skin.
  4. To remove blackheads on your face, Mix cornstarch with some vinegar and rub it on the area. Leave it for 15-30 minutes for it to harden. Get a mini towel and wet it with warm water. Rub it on the cornstarch+vinegar area. This will draw off  bacteria and clear pores.

To get rid of acne, spread a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia on your face. Let it dry, and wipe off with warm washcloth - it works as well or better than expensive facial masks!

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Larry said...

Hey awesome blog. I just really wanted to know about the same from few days. Thanks a lot. Please add some more tips about it. Seriously very helpful blog.

Blogger said...

Hi Larry,

Thank you for paying your visit! We'll follow up with your request and write a blog post about it..

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Anonymous said...

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Ian Vastal said...

Absolutely. Aloe Vera is a really useful tool to cure acne! Even myself is also applying aloe vera gel on my face daily.

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